Forest Stewardship Council®

The Forest Stewardship Council® uses this logo to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests. Jobs bearing this logo must use FSC® approved stock and must be registered with FSC®.

NOTE: FSC® does not allow us to post their actual logo here, so we give you this "For Position Only" box to use in your design. As a registered FSC® printer we are not allowed to release this logo to customers.

Click here to review the guidelines we must follow in placing the logo on your project. Each logo placement will be reviewed by FSC® before printing can commence.

Forest Stewardship Council™


The TigerPress logo is a registered trademark and may be used only with the permission of TigerPress.

Mohawk Paper

Mohawk uses this logo to identify papers manufactured with wind-generated electricity. Projects printed on any of these papers may include this logo with approval from Mohawk Fine Papers. Email your project details to logos@mohawkpaper.com in order to obtain approval.

Federal Trade Commission

"Recycled content" claims on labels and in advertising may be made for materials that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste stream, either during the manufacturing process (pre-consumer) or after consumer use (post-consumer). Claims should specify whether they refer to the product or the product's packaging. If the product or package does not consist of 100 percent recycled content (excluding minor, incidental components), qualifying words (like the percentage of recycled content in the product) must be used to limit the claim.

NOTE: The artwork includes the four standard variations of the logo.

American Soybean Association

The Soy Seal may be used by licensee only on products meeting or exceeding the established standards for soybean content. Conventional (non UV) inks used by TigerPress meet this standard. The soy ink logo may be used on any conventional offset (not digital) project printed at TigerPress.

Green Seal

Green Seal logo may be used only on projects using paper from the approved Green Seal list. Use only as supplied. It is recommended that the Graphic be printed in the recognized blue and green combination. The preferred colors for Green Seal Provider's Graphic are PMS 354 Green and PMS 307 Blue or reasonable facsimiles of these colors. If printing in one color, the Graphics should appear in black. The graphic may be resized, but the proportions must be maintained. For legibility, we recommend that the graphic not be reproduced smaller than 3/4" in diameter.

TOYO Ink - Solvent Free

TOYO Solvent Free and Vegetable Oil logos can be used on any project being produced with TOYO HyPlus 100 Ink.

TOYO Ink - Vegetable Oil Based Ink

TOYO Solvent Free and Vegetable Oil logos can be used on any project being produced with TOYO HyPlus 100 Ink.